Bitch Slave Today Lesbian Quick Fiction 1: Until I reached her place, I was not sure if I wanted to do it. It was all fun and sexy on the webcams and behind the firewalls. But now that I was at her place, sitting in the hallway waiting for her, it was not sounding like such a good idea. I mean, I loved Tanya and each and every thing she made me do. But being her slave in the real life? Is it going to be any good or just painful?


A woman definitely knows what kind of wild sex another woman wants. We had discussed in great detail how we could have fun together and satisfy each other’s kinks – her being a dominatrix and me being her faithful bitch slave. Tanya had some interesting ideas and she mesmerized me with her moves all the time. That being said, I was in doubt that she could send shivers down my spine in real life as she did on the Internet. But since I was already there, I decided to give this relationship at least one chance.


I waited for another 2 minutes or so, looking at her Instagram profile and browsing some BDSM fun facts to impress her when I heard her foot steps from behind me. “Is she wearing heels? That sound is intimidating. Oh my god, I can already feel it,” I thought to myself. I was in a state of shock and getting aroused when I heard her call “Sheena!”


I looked back at her. She was looking stunning. Her hair was smooth, red lipstick – mesmerizing, her neck and shoulders -naked, her breasts-beautiful, her legs – dominating and her high heels – hot. I was lost in her beauty and for the first time since morning, I was sure that I did the right thing by visiting her. I wanted to be her bitch, to take some thrashing, get her big dildo up my ass, and get fucked by this hot woman in my pussy.


She came closer to m. My heart started beating faster, my tongue got numb and my knees were getting weak. I wanted to bow down to her and kiss her feet, beg her to accept me and worship her leather pants. She looked like a goddess and I wanted her inside me. She came even closer, I started trembling in fear, a sexy fear that had engulfed me. I started imagining all the dirty things she told me that she wanted to do to me and my body. My nipples were already hard and I was ready to submit. Her heels were making an intimidating sound. She was looking right into my eyes, like a lioness focusing on her prey. I was finally in front of the woman who had been giving me wild orgasms for the last 2 months.


She extended her hand, touched my face, held my neck and kissed me hard. She bit my lips, swallowed my spit, did all the right things with her tongue and let me tell you, this woman knew how to kiss and murder a woman. It lasted for a few minutes. She then stepped back, gave me the most devilish smile and asked me to sit on my knees. I did it without question. She said “this was a kiss to make you mine and I think I have your devotion.” And then she stared collaring me; a real bitch collar with my name tag ‘SHEELA’ on it. She then started moving to the inner room and in the sexiest way said, “Sheela, let me show you your cage dear.”