BitPay Rejects Adult Content

Bitpay Rejects Adult

Bitpay Rejects Adult Content

We want you to know that Bitpay rejects adult content. On December 7, 2017 we received an email from Bitpay stating that our account status changed.  Basically, Bitpay terminated our account due to adult content. However, a few months ago, Bitpay approved AdultPlayX and all of its videos and other subject matter. Whenever someone fills out the information on Bitpay’s signup page, Bitpay then approves or denies the account. So we were confused at the processor’s decision to terminate an active account.

Bitpay Steals Coins

After canceling our account, Bitpay decided to keep all of the funds that we generated on AdultPlayX. The processor did not return any money and has not responded to our inquiries about why they don’t service our industry. Since its inception, Bitpay appeared to be the savior for adult entertainment, since it did not have high-risk fees associated with its policies. However, it appears that Bitpay is even worse than regular processors because the company steals from its customers and treats adult entertainment like an unwanted step-child.

Bitpay’s True Cost

If you are thinking about integrating Bitpay into your website then prepare for a grueling and expensive experience. It took approximately thirty-five hours to setup Bitpay on our platform. The processor’s API required highly skilled developers to implement the service. We payed thousands of dollars in man-hours to complete the integration. So Bitpay’s rejection of Adult content came with a huge cost. Our termination came at the same time Steam dropped Bitpay due to price surges and rising transaction fees.

In addition to expensive setup costs, our customers had a paralyzing learning curve with using the processor. We received many order attempts from our site users. However, over 90% of the pending orders expired since many people don’t understand how to use the Bitcoin currency to make purchases. For example, when customers utilize CCBill to make a purchase, the process is quick and simple. Whereas Bitpay requires customers to use wallet-funding services like Glidera. It can take up to two weeks to get approved on Glidera and Bitpay. Consequently, most people still use CCBill because they don’t appreciate excessive waiting periods for watching porn.

Conclusion: Criminalized Adult Content

We are tired of being treated like criminals simply because our content falls outside of traditional sex. Customers are willing to spend their money and bitcoins to buy content that they enjoy. Yet processors continue to stand in the way of the buying public. If any industry could increase the value of bitcoin, it would be the adult industry. Inasmuch as many adult businesses need processors that will embrace their content. Unfortunately, however, Bitpay is just another processor that treats adult entertainment as inferior content.