CCBill’s Bank Rejects Certain Content

CCbill's bank rejects

CCBill’s Bank Rejects Certain Content


We want to formally publicize the fact that CCBill’s bank rejects certain content. Today, CCBill’s representatives sent an email asking us to remove some of the content from our website. CCBill’s bank rejects certain content for these reasons: the following pages contain images and videos that depict extreme welting (deep purple/red discoloration). The bank considers content of this nature to be extreme violence.

Here are some of the pages that CCBill considered violent:
22 Year Old Dom Viewer
Rookie Card Player
A Striking Trainer
Bad Day At Work
A Case of Defendant Dmitry. Final Part.
Military Spy Bogdan. Part II.
Bringing Misha Down: The Whip

Here are some of the phrases that CCBill considered violent:

CCBill’s bank considers words like “abuse,” “force,” and “kidnap” to be violent. CCBill asked that we remove a video entitled “Boi Serving Its Master.” CCBill also asked us to remove a clip called “Helpless Twink Used and Abused.”  AdultPlay X and its producers have generated thousands of dollars for the payment processor and its bank. Our website has had no chargebacks and our customers have always been upstanding buyers. However, CCbill and its bank have coined us as “high-risk” and we are charged a huge yearly fee along with huge transaction fees.

CCBill or Bitpay:

Although CCBill’s bank rejects certain content from our website, we are very excited about Bitpay. The website owners are optimistic about a future with Bitcoin. Customers have a sizable learning curve with the technology, but we still believe that Bitcoin could be the answer for businesses with adult content. With this blogpost, our goal is to make the public aware of banks’ policies. If it weren’t for content producers, customers, and websites like AdultPlay X, these banks would not be successful. So it is up to us to make sure that we stand up for adult content by turning our backs on the banks. How can we do this? Use Bitcoin instead until the banks stop treating us like criminals.