CCBill’s Bank Withdraws Censorship

CCBill's Bank

CCBill’s Bank Withdraws Censorship

As of November 25, 2017, CCBill’s bank withdraws censorship.  As you may recall, we disabled the CCBill platform from our website a few weeks ago; the payment processor attempted to censor a great deal of our content. In a previous blogpost, we explained our disagreement with CCBill.

Challenging CCBill’s Bank

Instead of deleting a large amount of content on the AdultPlay X platform, we decided to challenge CCBill’s bank head-on. We don’t believe in running from a conflict; it was important for us to establish the fetish community’s resistance to bureaucratic red tape. For many years, payment processors have required producers to censor their websites. It is much more difficult for a single producer to take a stance against banks that want to censor content. Conversely, since AdultPlay X is a home for many producers, we can use our collective power to place demands back onto the banks.

Commending CCBill

Although we stand firmly on the side of our producers, we’d like to commend CCBill for working with us to keep the majority of our content uncensored. To be fair, we must note that CCBill has many forces to contend with: Visa, MasterCard, banks, and CCBill’s very own AUP. Thus, CCBill may find it challenging to keep all forces agreeing with each other. Initially, their bank wanted us to completely censor No Mercy For Men studios, which would mean that we’d have to inactivate the producer completely.

Victory: The End

We are happy with our victorious outcome, to say the least! Our reluctance to allow banks and processors to “sanitize” our producers’ creativity is why studios with more extreme content can continue to upload videos to AdultPlay X. Our stance against the bank came with profound risk. However, we are willing to risk everything so that our producers can have full control over their creativity.

We’d like to thank all of our producers for their contributions to our website. We will continue to put our producers first.