Foot Fetishism in a Globalized World

Foot Fetishism

Foot Fetishism in a Globalized World

Hello, my name is John and I am the manager of, an online community for foot fetishism and femdom lovers. Although the site started out small, it’s always had a powerful message. So keep reading to learn more.
We have grown into a large network of foot fetish enthusiasts. Our success is due to our members’ engagement and support. In this post, I will discuss foot fetishism in online communities and social networks; it is a big topic. YouTube and Instagram are great platforms for fetish related content. However, people who use these platforms are less receptive for contact; many people prefer a more private and optimized environment. Therefore, we created for everyone including the LGBT community. We love everyone!

Past and Present Perceptions of Fetishism

Currently, many people accept fetishes more than they did in the past. However, society still rejects some fetishes on a wide level. People dismiss some fetishes since they consider them to be creepy or disgusting.  In a way, it’s understandable when people don’t accept a fetish due to fear of trying something new. However, many people should realize that a fetish is something beautiful.  Fortunately, most people consider foot fetishism to be acceptable.

It is important for individuals to live out their sexual desires; relationship partners should support each other’s sexual fantasies as well. Many hide their fetish preferences and attempt to experience them online through various social networks. Group building is a common practice on social networks. People build groups daily and these groups could last for only a single day or for many years.

An Example of Group Building on Social Networks

Have you ever heard about the bomb attack in Paris? Many of my friends (and probably many of your friends as well) had those fancy “Je Suis Charlie” profile pictures on Facebook. The group formed because several members had the same viewpoint about the attackers: fanaticism needs to stop because it’s a bad thing. Charlie Hebto, a sarcasm publication located in Paris, has never sold so many copies of their magazine. Habto received a lot of help from groups of voluntaries with the same viewpoint.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make foot fetishism and femdom as widely known and accepted as possible. Namely, we want foot fetishism and femdom to be accepted in places where the abuse of women is a problem. It is important for everyone to acknowledge women’s rights and support people with different sexual lifestyles. The world is currently in the hands of too few people to hide our love of female and male feet. That’s why we created our site. Enjoy your sexual life!

Join us 🙂