Who’s a Good Boy Tony is a MUST READ

Good Boy Tony

Who’s a Good Boy Tony is a MUST READ?

Who’s a Good Boy….

Tony’s knees ached as they were practically on fire. Every time he tried to adjust his weight and find a comfortable spot, the intense ache came back- even stronger than before. For the moment, it was this feeling that he focused on. He was pretty sure that is what she was hoping for.

He really didn’t know how long it had been since she made him kneel down on the hardwood floor of the living room. She had commanded him to kneel down “like a good boy”, and placed a leather-lined padded blindfold over his eyes. She then placed something in his mouth and told him to make sure he didn’t drop it. Despite his confusion, he didn’t hesitate. He closed his mouth around whatever the object was. It was definitely hard, and smelled like plastic. But by this point, he was insane with lust for her, and he wasn’t about to stop things now. He could feel her standing over him and looking down on him, judging her satisfaction. With a triumphant “Hmph!” as her only reaction, he listened as she turned and walked out of the room. He was hypnotized by the click-click of her black heels, as they grew more and more distant.

Tony couldn’t believe his luck when he saw a gorgeous redhead in his usual Friday night dive bar. She was a fantasy in human form. First her hair, a true red head with that ginger color you just can’t get out of a bottle, long and flowing, classic. Her skin was perfect and unblemished, her eyes were bright and expressive. Her lips were a ruby red that he couldn’t stop thinking about kissing. Here amongst the dregs of this dive was this vision in a black dress, black pantyhose, and black patent leather heels. He wasn’t the type to go picking up women, he was too shy for that. But he couldn’t take his eyes off of her, and to his amazement she met his gaze and smiled. Apparently the “sad puppy-look” does work for some women. She never took her eyes off of him as she finished her drink, picked up her purse, and made her way across the bar to his table. He pulled out the chair on the side of the table for her, but she took the chair from him and pulled it over right next to his. Tony sat down quickly, trying to conceal the erection that he had gotten suddenly. Her confidence and assertiveness, not to mention the intoxicating scent she was wearing- it was overwhelming. He almost felt a little helpless as she made him react this way without ever touching him. She finally spoke her first words to him after she sat down and locked eyes with him. “Mae”, he looked at her puzzled, “It’s my name silly boy.” It felt like she was mind-fucking him- in the very best possible way.

It only took a couple of drinks before she suggested that they go to her place; it was right around the corner. That way they could “have a few drinks and get to know each other somewhere more quiet”. He felt that throbbing in his dick again, everything about her was turning him on, and now she wants to take him home? Tony was starting to wonder what kind of karma he had built up to deserve this.

It was a little chilly that evening, but Mae assured him her house was right around the corner and they could walk there quickly- no need to drive and risk getting pulled over. Of course, he agreed. He started to walk down the street, but Mae wasn’t following. She stood on her spot and looked at him intensely. Confused, he walked back to her and looked for some clue from her. She seemed a bit exasperated as she placed his arm to his side to make an opening. Exasperation was soon replaced with a contented sigh as she slid her arm into his and fell into place at her side. She smiled at him and said, “Let’s walk!”

The entire walk there was short but filled with raging hormones for Tony. She kept rubbing her hand up and down his arm. She said her hands were cold, but there was something more sensual about the way she was touching him. And every once in a while, he felt her rake her nails along his arm. He couldn’t help but feel turned on, especially with how close she was walking next to him. She was glued to his side. He could actually see the heave of her breasts as she walked. And it couldn’t be a coincidence, the way her leg kept finding a way to rub against his, each time followed by a smile as she tugged her dress back down. He had to admit, there are worse things than a strange, beautiful woman rubbing her leg against you.

When they arrived at her house he thought she might have second thoughts, and decide she’d made a mistake. But she opened the door and practically ushered him in the house. It was a beautiful, but modest house; it wasn’t kitschy or trending, it was strong and classic- like her. She asked that he take off his shoes as she had just had the hardwood floors in the living room polished. He did so, but thought it was weird that she hadn’t done the same. Surely those stilettos would do more damage than his shoes. But he thought to himself, “Everyone has their quirks.”

She had left the room while he was taking off his shoes, as he stood up and looked around, he was surprised when Mae came back into the room with a tray containing drinks for them both. She beckoned him over and motioned for him to sit down next to her. In her element, he realized everything about her seemed to become more exaggerated. Her beauty intensified in the brighter light, of course. But she seemed larger than life, more confident and at ease.

He sipped his drink, which made Mae giggle, and he noticed a dog’s food and water bowls just inside the next room in the kitchen, barely illuminated. “Oh, do you have a dog?” he asked. She replied, “I plan to very soon, I am a big dog lover.” Her smile grew huge, and actually made Tony pause a bit. It seemed an odd reaction, but once again- he was forgiving quirks.

About an hour and 5 drinks had passed (he would have stopped at 2, but she insisted), she excused herself from the room and left Tony to himself on the couch. He was afraid he might have gotten too stimulated, too tired, and too drunk to perform very well tonight. He kicked himself for all the drinks. However, when she walked back into the room his erection immediately returned and it was pounding.

She walked into the room without a word. She was letting Tony take it all in, and start adding things up. She stood in the doorway; the framing seemed to make her look a bit intimidating as Tony looked her up and down. She had taken off the black flowing, almost coquettish dress she had been wearing and revealed what had been under that dress all evening. She was wearing a black leather corset that covered and contoured her from her hips to right under her breasts. Above that she was wearing the sheerest bra he had ever seen, black but hiding nothing- he could see how erect her nipples had become. He realized that she hadn’t been wearing pantyhose, but rather sheer black stockings- seam up the back and held up by a black sheer garter belt that matched her bra. As ever, she was still wearing those stiletto heels, which took on a different tone in this new light. She hadn’t looked demure, but now- she was a bit intimidating. He knew that whatever she wanted- he was going to say yes.

As she walked towards him he realized, as she lowered her arm, that she had held a bag behind her back. Tony was confused, but his lust was overruling him. She stopped a few feet from him and, taking on a much more serious tone, told him to “Stand up.” He did so without hesitation, it hadn’t occurred to him that he had an option. He wanted to please her. She looked him up and down, circling around him. She ran her hands over him, not as seductively as before- it was more like an inspection. She began giving commands, “Take off your shirt.” She seemed pleased with what she saw, Tony was in pretty good shape, and obviously took care of himself. “Take off your pants.” This time she stood in front of him, eyes unmoving. She watched as he unbuttoned and removed his pants. This time, she was done admiring. She stepped forward, reached out, and firmly took a hold of his cock and balls, making sure to get around his erection. “Good, you don’t disappoint. Let’s see, 8 inches? Am I close?” He nodded. “Not bad at all.” She smiled and gave a tight squeeze to her handful- Tony produced a slight yelp that he tried to swallow. But Mae had noticed, and it made her smile grow even wider.

“Stay!” She reached into the bag and produced a pair of huge, shining scissors- they were pristine. Tony followed he with his eyes intensely, thinking that she might be about to hit his limit. As she returned in front of him again she reached out with her free hand towards him. It made him jump a bit, showing his first signs of resistance. She moved her hand up to his face and held it on her cheek. “Oh sweet boy, I’m sorry. Did I scare you? I’ll be gentle.” He breathed a sigh of relief, until her smile faded and she smacked him on the nose open-handed, “Now, I said stay!” He stood at attention, we wouldn’t try moving again.

Regaining her focus she reached out and grabbed the waistband of his underwear and pulled them away from him. She then took the scissors to his briefs and began cutting them off of him. She made short work of the material, leaving him completely naked- and feeling very vulnerable. Mae looked him over and gave a deep sigh. “Okay, close your eyes, I have a couple of things for you.” He did as he was told, and soon heard her digging in the bag again. His curiosity flew as he wondered what could possibly be coming next. He then felt something being put on his penis, he couldn’t tell what it was- but at least it didn’t hurt. He thought it might be over until she returned and was putting something his neck. This time it was obvious, she had put a collar on him. Felt like it was leather, definitely heavy-duty. “Keep them closed.” She cooed as she placed her hands on his shoulders and guided him a few steps with a turn to the right.

“Okay! Open them!”

Tony couldn’t believe what he was seeing. There he stood, completely naked- save for an intense looking wide leather collar that covered most of his neck. Attached to it was a sturdy length of chain leading to a heavy leather handle. It was then that he saw what she had put on his dick- it was some kind of harness that wrapped around his dick and went around his balls. He could feel just how tight it was, holding him very snugly. Of course, there was a chain and handle attached to that as well. He looked at Mae, trying to understand. She smiled broadly as she looked him dead in the eyes, “I told you, I planned on getting a puppy soon. And you are my new puppy.

He opened his mouth to object, but Mae had reached down and taken hold of the leash attached to his throbbing dick. She pulled up and towards her, drawing him close- pressed into her. He had to stand on his tip toes to try to take the pressure off. She feigned a frown, “Don’t you want to be a good boy for me. I’ll take very good care of you, I promise.” He breathed in sharply, closed his mouth, and nodded his head. She smiled, “Good. Unless I have to punish you.” She took advantage of his closeness to reach around and swatted his ass, hard. Her eyes grew intense, “So. Be. A. Good. Boy.” He nodded frantically, which brought back the smile.

It was then that she told him to kneel on the hard floor. She said this was all just “part of the training.” She patted him on the head and scratched him behind the ear. She placed the heavy blindfold over his eyes, and left the room. He tried to catch his breath; the evening had become very intense suddenly. This was a brand new world for Tony. He was contemplating what he should do when his attention was immediately given to the click-click that grew louder. She was returning, and he had no idea what he would do next.

She held the sides of his face and began to stroke them gently. “Such a good boy. Such a very good boy.” She removed his blindfold, and as his eyes adjusted to the light, she came into focus. She looked more gorgeous than ever, in the overwhelming white haze of light, she almost looked angelic. Well, an angel in a leather corset and stockings that will slap your ass and cut your underwear off. But hey, quirks.

She kneeled down and put her face in front of his, he marveled at how intimidating she had just been- but now she seemed softer than she ever had before. She leaned forward and kissed him gently on the nose. It seemed an odd but sweet gesture- then he remembered, oh yeah- I’m her puppy. He would have laughed at this thought had her eyes not been so intense and gazing into his.

“You’ve been a good boy. Would my boy like a treat?” He opened his mouth to respond but she cut him off, “Nod or shake. I haven’t taught you to speak yet.” He nodded back at her, which seemed to thrill her. “Okay, roll over on your back boy.” He obeyed her command and gingerly got off of his knees and rolled over onto his back. “Aww, poor baby. I bet your knees hurt.” He nodded softly, hoping his response was right. She pouted her face at him, “I’m so sorry. Let me take care of you.” She began gently rubbing and massaging his legs, working out the knots and taking pressure off of his knees. Her hands were the softest thing he had ever felt, she was pure magic. The pain was slipping away as she worked him over crawling around him to get to every spot. As it went on though, things took a turn. More often he was feeling her breasts graze over him; settling on his face, his arms and legs, and his still throbbing dick. She had no shame in running her legs over him too, he often felt her legs laying over his own, across his face- as she was working on his chest she was practically straddling him. He felt as her smooth leg began traveling up between his legs until her knee was pressed firmly in his crotch. Once it found its place, she began slowly rocking back and forth applying more and more pressure. He involuntarily groaned; he was sure he was in trouble- but her only response was a small laugh she tried to hide.

It was all getting unbearable. His dick was straining against the harness around it, and the head was oozing precum. He had been teased and pushed further than he ever had. He wasn’t an aggressive or dominant guy, but right now all he could think about doing was jumping up, ripping off all of her clothes and going savage on her. She must have sensed his growing tension, because she picked up the leash and started drawing up the slack- pulling his head towards her. Mae placed her face next to his and looked down at his throbbing, leaking cock. “Aww, someone got all worked up. I think you like your training. Don’t you boy?” He nodded grimly, hoping that this would be the moment the games ended and they would finally ravish each other. She grinned and ran her free hand down his body towards his groin. His breathing quickened, his heartbeat was almost audible. She kept her eyes on him the entire trip down his body until she finally reached her goal and firmly grasped his shaft. He groaned, “oh god yessssss…” She gave him a sharp squeeze, which brought him back to lucidity. “No. Talking.” She began stroking his cock, running her fingers up and down it, “Now if you want to keep playing, you have to be good. And you want to keep playing don’t you?” He nodded his head. “Good boy. Then…” She squeezed tight, “No talking. Right?” He nodded his head and closed his mouth.

With his submission to her rules complete, she returned to working over his cock. Her hand glided over his thick veiny cock, and she relished every bump and ridge he had. She traced the edge of the head of his dick, playing with the pre-cum that had dribbled out. Tony had to remember that as much as he was loving this, he had to pay attention and not break the rules. This made his head swim, he was torn between complete ecstasy and obeying the word of a woman he hadn’t known this morning. Still, she had shown her dominance over him, easily. And he couldn’t deny that he willingly submitted, and was loving it. Maybe this is what was missing?

He was ripped back into reality, and out of his head, when she abruptly removed her hand. He wasn’t even aware of the pathetic whimper he let out as he turned his face to her for an answer.

“You’ve done very well. And you are taking to training so good.” He smiled without even thinking about it. “So I think maybe we can try one more bit of training tonight. Can you be good for me?” He nodded emphatically. “Wonderful! Good boy!”

She stood up, taking the leash with her, and walked over to a large chair in the living room: very plush and wide. For some reason, Tony didn’t even try to stand. He crawled behind her, following her to the chair. When Mae looked back and saw this, she squealed with excitement. She reached down and gave him a huge hug around the neck. “Good boy! That deserves a present.”

She reached to the side of the chair and produced a large floor pillow, which she placed in front of the chair. Tony watched as she glided into the chair and pulled his leash forward, until he was on top of the pillow. “Kneel in front of me.” He did as he was told and came to kneel on the pillow, quite a change from kneeling on the bare floor. Mae sat at the edge of the chair, her legs spread wide. She undid the snaps on either side of her panties and effortlessly let them fall to the floor. Tony’s eyes grew wide.

“I need to see just how good my puppy can lick. Because a good puppy needs to lick, a lot. And you want to be a good puppy, don’t you?” He nodded. “Good, well practice makes perfect, so I think it is time we start practicing.” She settled back in the chair and closed her eyes as she moaned, “Give momma a kiss.”

Tony leaned forward and dived into action. He was immediately overwhelmed by the intoxicating scent of her pussy. Not only did she smell amazing, her vagina was unbelievably perfect. He took a moment to appreciate the complete smoothness of her mound, the perfectly shaped mound, and the rose bud lips that completed a perfect picture. He wanted to live here between her legs, but at the moment he didn’t even know where to start.

After a deep breath he put his face right next to her and began gently kissing her pussy. But that only earned him an agitated sigh from Mae. He knew that he was going to have to be more aggressive. “Like a puppy.” He thought.

He began licking her mound and lips- broad, wet, and intense. Her reaction changed immediately as she grunted and sank down into the chair. He was proud he was able to return the favor of making her moan. His licking got more and more intense until he narrowed his tongue and began flicking his tongue up and down her slit- barely breaking the surface. Mae’s reactions showed him that he was definitely making her happy. She started squirming and grunting, pressing her pussy into his face. Using his fingers, he opened her up a little at a time until he could get deeper inside her with his tongue. Now the real work begins. His tongue started exploring her, he probed as deep as he could- but made sure he was still giving attention to her lips. Her excitement was growing quickly and he could feel the heat coming off of her and she had become very wet. Tony turned his attention to her clit; licking, sucking, and nibbling- she couldn’t stay still- she was writhing with pleasure and she was only encouraging him. His dick started throbbing again, worshipping her pussy was turning him on even more. Tony reached his hand up and began massaging her mound above her g-spot, which awoke all sorts of new pleasure in Mae. He didn’t want to stick to one spot and get her overstimulated, and honestly- he wanted every inch of her pussy. So, he turned his attention to inserting a finger and finding his way to the g-spot, curving his finger and reaching further back and up until he found the spot. It was like flipping a switch: she was on fire. Not just her face or her chest, her entire body had turned red- and she was breathing like she had run a marathon. When he used his other hand to start massaging her clit, it was just too much. She had become and animal- and she needed to be sated, right now.

She jumped out of the chair, yanking his leash back. She pulled him up to his feet by the leash and grunted in the direction of the hallway. She practically dragged him down the hall, he couldn’t keep up. As they approached the end of the hall she threw open the door and pulled Tony into what he realized was her bedroom.

Mae nearly threw him onto the bed and wrapped the leash around one of the bedposts. She was a blur throughout all of it, like a woman possessed. With only a dim light behind her, he could only see her outline as she crawled up on the bed from the foot and pounced on top of him. She removed the harness from his cock, not quickly enough for her taste- and let his dick come to full attention, finally untethered. Mae mounted him quickly and took a moment to steady herself as she took a shuddering breath.

She found her bearings and wasted no more time riding his cock. Up and down, rocking and riding, Tony had never felt anything so intense in his life. His skin was tingling with electricity. He felt her pussy tightening and loosening around his cock as she rode him. It was like she was milking his cock, and she wanted it all. It felt like he couldn’t breathe as he reached his hands up to grab her breasts. Without missing a single thrust she barked out, “No hands. And don’t you dare cum.” He lowered his arms back to his side, but his hands made their way to her thighs. She didn’t seem to notice as he lightly rubbed her thighs- running his hands along the top of her stockings and feeling the sheer material.

Her thrusts only grew more intense; she could feel as her wetness leaked out of her and onto Tony. Her entire body began to shiver, she knew this one would be intense- every other thought left her mind. Thrust after thrust, she grew to a crescendo until she screamed out, “CUM FOR ME!”

He didn’t need any more encouragement than that. He began to erupt, his brain had all but shut down. It was so intense and consuming, he thought he might pass out. He felt Mae spasm on top of him. Her entire body was shaking until suddenly she became very still and closed her eyes tight. She was cumming uncontrollably- waves upon waves of euphoria were taking a hold of her. Mae collapsed on top of Tony, only moving when another orgasm hit her. Tony peaked out as she shook on top of him. He was spent and had given all he had to give. All he could do was lay there until Mae finished orgasming, 8 in total. He took some pride in that.

Time became nonexistent as they laid there, simply bodies stacked on a bed. When she finally regained her breath Mae was able to roll off of Tony, collapsing onto her back. She looked at him intently until a smile formed on her face. She reached her face toward him and gave him a soft, tender kiss on his lips; a move that calmed and comforted Tony beyond anything he had every felt. It felt like home. She smiled again and said, “Good boy. Time for sleep.” She pressed up against him, curled up and fell asleep almost immediately.

Tony quickly followed- his last thought before closing his eyes was that he was a very lucky man.

Tony woke up the next day feeling like he had been reborn, but he saw that Mae wasn’t in bed with him. There was simply a note on her pillow.
“Had to go to an early meeting. I will see you soon. Enjoy the new training toy.”

He was confused, until he removed the covers and realized that his dick had been forced into a chastity cage.



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